The recovery is taking place; slowly but we know this is a good location. I am sure they will make a strong recovery.

In box 1, eggs and larvae were observed. Did not see the queen, but the population is growing nicely and second box was added...


Eggs and Larvae were spotted in box #2. 6 frames used with a very good solid laying pattern. Sadly not a lot of Honey stored! Slowly but surely is this hive's leitmotiv.

Added box number 3. Check boarded box 2 with 3.

MO Treatment

This is your report from Ryse. Good job, and thanks for your help Robert.

But look at what the golfers did to box 3... They took the hive for a target.... LOL....

Liquid Gold being stored in the frame.

With the sun behind the frame the artwork of the girls is mesmerizing....


Very busy BEE day...

Hive doing well and growing in numbers, will soon need another box

Status: One box with frames and pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder


Sad news to report. The bees died! They were doing well, but I believe the queen started to lay too early in the season and the workers starved to death trying to keep the larvae warm.. SAD


Very busy BEE day...

The bees are marching back to their new home. Always an amazing view!

Hive : package installed with a cage queen.

Status: One box with frames and pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder


Lots of Eggs and larvae. This hive is building up its members slowly but surely. Will need a 3rd box added soon.

No Honey stored yet!

MO Treatment.


Nice to see. A strong hive buzzing with activity, ready for a new Season....

Removed bottom for cleaning, 3 boxes left with a lot of food, left Insulation box


Added partition in box 3.

Avipar Mite treatment appied.

Eggs, Larvae, Brood observed.

Strong Population, Box 3 full of Honey so good reserve but enough to take away!