BEE Part of the squad helping to save the Bee population!

Commercial Beehive Program.

Program cost:

The basic package for $1250 per hive and $1050 per additional hive a year.

The Program includes:

- Installation and/or upkeep of the Hive and Honey Bees on your property.

- Visits of the hives to evaluate the bee's needs from spring visit until fall when the hive will be set up for the winter. During the "visit / inspection," participation from employees and / or customers is welcomed and strongly hoped for.

- Two workshops (day events) are included. These events at the customer's choice can cover such tasks as installing the bees in their new house, making splits to raise new colonies, harvesting Honey, Winterization of the hive, Cleaning of frames with wax recuperation and filtration, along with the creation and installation of a new wax foundation.

- And of course, the Honey production of your hive and the Jars needed are yours. A well established hive averages 40 pounds a year of Honey to be Harvested. 40 pounds is about 3 gallons
of Honey! Converted in Jars, I guarantee that you will receive 50 jars of Honey, regardless of how your hive performs.

Instead of Jars, Honey sticks / straws are available. These are increasingly popular among kids and athletes, such as runners.

Additional services will be tailored specifically to your needs.

- Presentation and introduction classes:

In such event (over an afternoon, or a dinner), a presentation of the life of the Bees is made. With the aid of a video presentation and actual handling of the component of a Hive (without the bees), as well as the observation of live bees in an observation hive.

An observation hive is a great tool as a first step approach to a real beehive and most often allows to see what one would not see during a real hive inspection because the bees go undisturbed about their business.

These presentations are tailored to age groups. It could be geared toward an afternoon kids activity as well as for an evening adult introduction to the world of Bees.
These events cover an afternoon or evening (roughly 3 hours) for $ 380.00

- A candle making or lip balm class. This is a practical and hands on approach where each individual who participated will receive the result of their work: a pair of candles or some sticks of lip balm .
In regards to candle making. Different ways to make these will be taught, such as dipping, molding, or curving.
This event requires a full afternoon and includes all the supplies necessary for the confection of the items.  The price depends on the number of participants. For 5 to 10 participants $450 will be charged per event.

Adopt a Bee Hive.

Program Cost:

Adopt a Beehive for $550 gives you a direct link to your personal and unique beehive.

To adopt a beehive is to get engaged personally in preserving bees.

The Program includes:

A personal hive with your name will be managed at your Bee yards. (see Pictures). Owners will be welcome to visit and get involved to the level they desire.

Updates and pictures of the hive will be sent to owners to keep them informed of the well being of his or her girls!

The Honey production will be shipped or delivered to the owner in the fall. Each owner will be guaranteed to receive 30 jars of Honey with a personalized label. 10 Natural hand-dipped Wax candles will be part of the harvest.  Instead of Jars of Honey, Honey Straws / sticks can be requested. All these are shipped in the fall creating awesome Christmas presents!

* The jars shipped are the plastic oval design to reduce the chance of damage during shipping.

Sponsor the Bees.

Make a commitment to help save the bees.

Program Cost:

Show your support for $250 and help us promote the bee and increase the awareness of the importance of healthy bees in our environment.

To sponsor a beehive permits us to offset some of the costs of running the bee yard while helping us to perform educative presentations to inform and promote the importance of saving and protecting the bees in our environment.

The Program includes:

A sponsor will receive, in return in late fall, 20 jars of Honey with a personalized label and 4 Natural hand dipped wax candles. Instead of Jars of Honey, Straws / Sticks can be requested. All these are shipped in the fall creating awesome Christmas presents!

* The jars shipped are the plastic oval design to reduce the chance of damage during shipping.