Not interested in this program but you would like to help the honey bees and other pollinators? Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Reduce your use of pesticides around your yard, a spray bottle with white vinegar will do wonders for weeds if you cannot pull them by hand
  • Plant some pollinator friendly flowers, seeds are easy to plant and within a couple of years you will have a beautiful meadow that does not require constant mowing and much less water than keeping a lawn
  • Support your local beekeeper; raw honey is much better for you since it still has pollen residues that will help with your allergies.
  • Commercial honey is less expensive but once heated loses it's anti- allergen and anti-bacterial properties
  • Contact your lawmakers and tell them to let the expressway embankments and medians grow with wildflowers; it will be beneficial to any pollinators, will save city and state money and be much more pleasing to the eye during that vacation trip


  • We will use only woodenware in the hive. Bees would naturally form a hive into a hollow tree and not a plastic container ( Hives are Amish built in Rapid City, MI )
  • If possible we will only use local bee nucs (small colonies) that are winter survivors and not bee packages from the south
  • We will use gentle management techniques, clean equipment, proper colony support to keep the bees healthy and avoid the use of chemicals inside the hive
  • We will only harvest a minimal amount of honey (anything over the 4th box) to avoid having to feed any type of sugar water or corn syrup mixture to the bees (This is unhealthy for their digestive system, less acidic than honey, promoting diseases of the bee guts and not containing the natural honey antibiotics)
  • We will use foundationless frames; the bees know exactly what size cell they would like to build and what is needed in the hive for the different casts (Commercial wax foundation is already tainted with chemicals possibly making drones and queens infertile)
  • As partners with you, all of us will do our best to give the optimal care and environment for the bees to succeed. The honey bees have been on this earth longer than mankind. They will let us know their needs. Let's not believe that we will be in the driver seat, but we will be in for a wonderful world of discovery.

Our mission is to make natural beekeeping practices available to everyone; we will become partners in making the honey bees thrive again; we will bring our knowledge, and you will be amazed how addicting the wonderful world of the honey bee truly is.