Honey Sticks or Straws.

A very popular packaging.

Runners and outdoor lovers particulary enjoy the lightweight and extremely robust packaging. One can throw these in a pocket or backpack without any fear of spillage!

Kids also love the Straws of Honey. It is very addictive for sure...

This one-size serving is also enjoyed by many coffee addicts! A big advantage is that you are left with a straw to stir the Honey flavored coffee!!


Honey:                     8 oz. jar = $8.00

                              15 oz. jar = $15.00

Honey Straws        25 straws = $8.00


His & Her candle = $15.00

A pair of candles = $10.00.

We have Honey and Candles for sale.

The best Tasting Honey from the bees to you!

This is raw Honey. The flavor is unlike any honey you will find in a grocery store. Unlike commercial Honey that is cooked and comes from different parts of the word, our honey is just pure raw Honey. You will taste and smell the difference!

The difference in color comes from the crystallization of the sugar. The middle jar of Honey contains creamy Honey. All the jars in this picture contain the exact same honey! However, the Honey in the middle got seeded with microcrystals of sugar, resulting in a creamy Honey. The taste is not affected, and the advantage is creamy honey that does not run in holes of a toast.

* We ship only domestically.  The Jars are also different from the picture and are made of plastic to avoid any accidents during shipping.

Our Candles are made with 100% pure Bees Wax. You will smell this as soon as you light one.

We make them the old fashioned way. Each candle is hand dipped several times to obtain the required thickness and tapering. No mold is used!

We have two candles to offer:

The His & Her Candle. When lit, each flame continuously touches the other as they spiral down.

The normal candle.

* The wax color always differ slightly from one batch to the other. However the His & Her candles are always Bi-color.

100% Pure Local, Raw Honey from Detroit, Michigan.


100% Pure Local, Raw Honey from Columbus, Ohio.