A Message from The War Memorial:



Thank you for attending the Honey Harvest at The War Memorial!  We learned a lot about bees and how they are critical for our food production and the health of our ecosystems! The honey that was harvested will be used by our chef for all of our special events throughout the year.    

I wanted to share the link to the Honey Bee Squad for updates on our hive.  


We hope you enjoyed this educational programming.


Thank you for your support,

Denise Fry

Manager of Patriotic and Community Engagement




Refilled feeder; outside observation only due to wedding taking place nearby.

The girls are busy; lots of pollen (yellow) coming in.


Chef Frank Turner and Emily in full gear to check out the girls.

Sadly, no eggs or larvae were observed despite a large number of bees present! A new queen will need to be inserted at the next visit if no change is observed. Refilled feeder. MO treatment

Organized by Denise Fry from the War Memorial the bee presentation/Harvest was a huge success....

A lot of participants show up. The +++FREE EVENT+++ got sold out a few day before the actual date...

05/26 & 29/2017.

Hive looking really good.  An additional box was installed to give the bees room to expand.

Lots of eggs and Larvae. Saw the queen - nice full laying pattern. Removed bottom tray refill feeder.

Satus: 2 box frame with pollen patty + 1 Box with feeder.

A Fence had been installed by the neighbor in front of the hive. It does not seem to bother the bees too much who perform a dive in approach over the barrier!


Check out this hive behind a white picket Fence... The dream home of any Bees....


Hive looking good. The 2nd box is now full and used, will need a 3rd box at next visit. Refilled feeder and did MO Treatment. 


Eggs & Larvae observed in box 1 & 2. Lots of Queen cells removed from box 2 to prevent swarming. Added a 3rd box with Honey extracted frames. Refilled feeder. MO treatment


Beehive installed.

Beehive inspection by Emily  (with her proud sticker of Queen Spotter!)

Reports: Queen spotted and marked (yellow dot), Eggs observed.

Hive consists of: 1 box frame with pollen patty + 1 Box with feeder.


Thanks to Brian, Scott, Justin and Althea. 


Eggs and larvae in box 2. Good population.

Added / inserted a box in position 3.

Box 4 has 6 frames of Nectar.

MO Treatment.


A swarm landed on the property near the War Memorial. I have been called to the rescue! At no charge to my customer, I removed the girls and gave them a more suitable and appropriate habitat than the branch of the tree they had selected...

Silly me; I did not take any pictures. Silly girls for swarming so late in the season...

However on a side note, the Honey Harvest is scheduled and in the books for October the 14th....