Queen installation box removed. Queen was not seen, but she is an excellent layer. Lots of eggs and larvae. Nice pattern.

5 frames were removed to perform Split and boost "Hivey". Added one box to give room for the bees to store Honey

Status: 3 boxes. No feeder.


Incorporated 5 frames from Sparty Nation to make a split and boost the hive.

Status: 1 box + feeder.


The Hives have names.


Angelena Tripi, she has selected "SPARTY NATION" for the name of the  East Hive.

Vanessa Wacek, she has named her hive "HIVEY." It is the West hive.


The bees security are being check by officers. They take their job very seriously! 

Both hives are doing well.

2 boxes, Good population in numbers, eggs/larvae/brood. Good food storage. For Each Insulation partition install and 1/2 of Hop Guard install


So sad the two hives did not overwinter....

Interesting fact however; a special guest invited themselves in the hive..... Is GM thinking or enrolling mice for their muscle power?  Mouse power instead of Horse power - a new eco friendly approach?



Very busy BEE day...

It all started in the morning with a presentation event at the GM office during "Bring your kids to work" day. 2,000 kids got to visit the plant and see the activity GM is involved with including promoting the awareness to save the bees and their involvement with 2 hives directly on the plant location.

The drawing contest experienced a huge success. It will be difficult to choose the best drawing out of all received. The winners will see their drawing copied onto "their" hive.

A hive was also on display and kids got to see and touch the frame of wax and even poke their fingers into the honey cells for immediate extracting and tasting.. Yummy...

Of course for all the kids got to wear the honey keeper veil (Even if no bees were present in the demonstration hive). Parents also dressed up for a memorable picture event. Look at their grin on their faces, these future bee keepers....

In the afternoon we also installed a package into a hive. Sadly out of the two packages, one of the queens was dead. Therefore a new queen will be introduced later for the other hive.

Hive #1: package installed with a cage queen.

Status: One box with frames and pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder