Year 2019

09/27  ...Harvest Time... 09/27


Eggs and larvae spotted in box 3. Box 3  has 4 frames being used for storage of Nectar.  Will need another box soon!

Strong good looking hive.

Mo Treatment.

All these are reported from your own in-house new beekeeper Jamila who despite being scared of bees, ended up loving them...

Of course Julie tagged along not wanting to miss an opportunity to check on her girls too...

Look at them smile... (I am referring to the

Also 2 wasps nests were treated and removed free of charge ... so the Honey bees do not get a bad reputation with the club members..


Hive looking great and bursting at the seams. It was time to add a second box as the girls were running out of space. Julie Fox did a great job in helping me throughout the process of the hive inspection. Despite her initial fears, she was at ease....

The queen was spotted (Pink Dot) Lots of eggs and Larvae. Lots of Drones too.

Status: 2 boxes + feeder box.

The Hive is doing well, as survive the winter and is striving.. A honey harvest is schedule in a very close future.

From the look of Chef Nate (left) and Joyce (right) you will never guess that these two were afraid  and scared of the bees!!! Despite their fear they did an amazing job... Obviously as you can see in the pictures it was a traumatizing experience...


Big Crowd and huge number of participants for this hive inspection. Is it because they know that they will get some honey directly from the hive during the maintenance cleaning???

Just look at them smile...

The Bee Inspectors are:

Casper Padilla

Margaret Pote

Miranda Connelly

Austin Dustin

Jason Moonka

Margaret was proud to report:

Eggs & Larvae observed in box #2, and a box was added in position #3.

Great Job............


While waiting for their new bees to arrive, the Forest Lake Country Club decided to be proactive and get a swarm box in hopes of catching a swarm... We are all crossing our fingers for wild honey bees to find this box attractive and elect it to be their new home.

Their new tenants for their hive are arriving early;  check for updates.

Chef Nate is renewing the tradition of promoting bees for the Forest Lake Country Club.....


Installed package from Nina in awful weather. Rainy and cold.... But the bees are safe in their new home.

Status: 1 box + feeder box.


Eggs And Larvae spotted in box 1 and box 2. Added a much needed 3rd box. Very strong hive.

The bartender - after observing from behind the glass door came to help and finish the inspection. Bee Ready to find Honey in his cocktails from now on!


The girls got too cold this winter and did not make it to see the spring. With the new arrival of Chef Nathan we hope to overcome this tragedy and turn things around.... Bzzzz


Random pictures but not so random people...

This year while the quantity is not there the quality is, and just look at these faces working for the Forest Country club is such a drag.....

Bees were so crowded that they have started to build comb on the inner lid cover!

Time for an additional box.....

Buzy Bees.


 Removed 9 frames of Honey.

Installed partitions in box 1 & 2.

 Avipar mite treatment.

Eggs, Larva, Brood observed. Strong population.

Reduced to 3 box.