Chef Frank's entire meal was outstanding.


Weak Hive. Not using box 3. Removed.

Box 2 has Honey about 3/4

Eggs+Larva observed.

Installed partition board for winter in both boxes.

No Honey extraction planned for this year. Delivery of the Honey.


Eggs, Larvae and Brood in box #1. Very little use of Box 2 and 3. Added Feeder. Hop guard treatment for mites in box 1


Eggs & larvae in box 2. Box #3 still not used much. Check boarded box 2 & 3 to spur engagement. Little honey storage!

MO Treatment


Eggs and larvae were observed in box 1 and box 2. YES, we have now a laying queen.

The new queen is very fertile. Box 1 and box 2 were filled with eggs and larvae where nectar and pollen was not stored. To prevent them from being "Honey Bound" -  a condition were the bees are using most of the cell for storage and when the queen as only limited comb surface available to lay, a 3rd box was added.

MO treatment was performed.


The new queen is a good performer. I am sure she is laying about 800 eggs a day. I did not count -  just an estimate. You will have to take my word for it! The bees are using the 3rd box for storage and brood. It will be a strong colony.

MO treatment was performed. (see picture) This essential oils treatment is supposed to help reduce the effect of the varroa mites.

The food was amazing, Thanks to Chef.

The Honey Bee Dinner  was a very exclusive event and very much appreciated by all the participants.

Most Country Club menbers were unaware of the presence of the beehive on their favorite golf course, yet they were delighted to learn about it and the life of the bees. The dinner/presentation lasted 3 hours. The guests were delighted by the food and wine and kept asking for more....

Nourished by excellent Honey flavored dishes and bee knowledge, the event is definitively to be repeated next year.


Installed package from Nina in awful weather. Rainy and cold.... But the bees are safe in their new home.

Status: 1 box + feeder box.


Inserted 4 frames of eggs and larvae plus brood into bottom box.

The 4 frames removed from the bottom were inserted in the second box.

Hopefully in this idealic flowery setting the girls will raise a new queen and prosper

Status: 2 boxes, no feeder box.



Lots of bees but no queen! Could not see any eggs or Larvae. The hive has been queenless for awhile; action is needed urgently.