Chef Brian at the Country Club of Detroit is very energetic and has big plans...

Out of the three hives, two did not overwinter but the south one is doing very well. A lot of activity and some yellow pollen was carried in...

And Yet another Country Club Member interested in the  Bee program,

Thanks Lisa, for your help.


Hive#1 "Survivor": Doing well

Hive #2 " Chef Brian Hive": Strong hive. Good looking Eggs and Larvae pattern observed. Added yet another box.

Chef Hive has been targeted by the golfers! They must have used it has target practice...lol...

Hive #1 "Survivor":

Eggs, Larvae and Brood. Swap box 5 with 4. Formic Acid treatment on top of box 1 and 2

Hive #1 "Survivor": Eggs + Larvae. Added 1 box. Good honey production.

Hive #3: "AmyBee":  No Queens, no Eggs or Larvae. Very few bees present. This is a dying colony. SInce the girls were not able to raise a new queen, we inserted one for them. Let's hope she goes to work rapidly.


Hive #1 "Survivor": Looking really good. Added a second box. Eggs and Larvae. Removed 3 brood frame for spilt. Queen Spotted and Marked. Yellow dot.

Status: Two boxes no feeder.

Hive #2: The Split from the "survivor" made last month is a success. Lots of Eggs and Larvae indicating that we have a good queen. She was spotted and marked with a Yellow dot.

Status: One box of frames + pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder.

Hive #3: The girls were unable to raise a new queen from last months split. So another split was performed by taking 3 frames from the "survivor" hive and one frame from Jana's hive.
Status: One box of frames + pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder.

Hive #4 "Jana's hive": Good looking Split. Lots of Eggs and Larvae. Queen spotted and Marked with a Yellow Dot. One frame removed for split into Hive #3, however mites were observed in drone cells. Will need to be treated.

Status: One box of frames + pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder.

Hive #2 " Chef Brian Hive": Eggs, Larvae and Brood.

Strong population. Mites observed! Hop Guard Treatment applied. Refill feeder.

Hive #3: "AmyBee": Chef Amy did the inspection of her hive. She was so happy to see eggs and larvae. This means her hive finally has a laying queen.... Yes! Success... A small hive now, but still has time to grow before the winter for a good chance at a winter survival.....

Hive #1 "Survivor": Eggs + Larvae in box 3. Honey in box 4, with some still empty frames.

This hive is still the strongest one and continues to impress me.

MO treatment.


Hive #2 " Chef Brian Hive": Eggs + Larvae observed. Good looking hive. Added 3rd box. Spotted mites. Installed Hop Guard strip to Box 2.

Hive # "Jana's Hive": Looking good. Mites observed! Hop Guard Treatment applied. Added a 3rd box. MO treatment

Hive #4"Jana's Hive", No Eggs or Larvae observed! However, a closed Queen cup about to open was present in box #2. Let's  hope this queen emerges and mates soon. Good population numbers and good amount of honey stored.


Hands on Approach

This time I got some help! I love to teach and look at those smiles.

Hive #3: "AmyBee":  Lots of Drones. Queen not spotted. Multiple eggs in one cell observed, worker bee must be laying, need to be re-queened. Mites observed as well.  Hop Guard Treatment. Inserted an open Queen cell. MO treatment


A good looking Crew.

Hive #4 "Jana's Hive":

Well we are never better served than by Ourself. So Here is Jana's report: Looking good Eggs+Larvae. Queen spotted. Added 8 frames/1 box.  JKB

Hive #4 "Jana's Hive", Lots of eggs and larvae in boxes 2 and 3... YES they have a laying queen... Queen cup in box 2 gone!

Still unused frames in box 2 & 3.

Looking good and on the way to recovery. MO treatment

Harvest time

What a great event.

Some members came as a family - others by themselves.

But all had a blast doing all  the tasks required to extract honey....


Hive #3: Still Queenless, so we inserted a queen cup from the surviving hive to raise a new queen. Crossing our fingers she will fly out and come back as fertile queen.....

04/23/2017 - Member involvement:

Jana was so excited about the bee program at the Country club of Detroit that she wanted to be involved right now! I believe she will adopt the 4th beehive located on the Country Club grounds. But she could not wait, and therefore I suggested for her to get a swarm box. Baited with lemongrass scent we hope to therefore provide an interesting and acceptable habitat for bees in search of a new home. Crossing our fingers we hope Jana and I will give you an update soon.

(Will you be able to spot the swarm box in the picture of her awesome house adjacent to the golf course?)

Hive #1 "Surivivor":  Still performing strongly. a 4th box was added.


Hive #2 " Chef Brian Hive": Chef did another inspection.... Same report: eggs and larvae; a very strong hive that will need a 3rd box at the next visit... A full frame of Capped Honey was also observed ready to be processed....


Hive #4: Good surviving working hive. Queen not spotted but eggs and larvae present. Lots of drones. Bottom box almost empty (little activity). Cut comb with eggs to make queen for hive #2. Divided hive in favor of Hive #2
Status: 3 boxes.

Hive#2 Performed split. Took 4 frames of brewed from hive #4.

Status: 1boxes +attic box.


Hive #1 "Survivor": Performed Split. Introduced 4 good frames of eggs and larvae from hive #4 with one closed queen cup.

Status: One box of frames + pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder.

Hive #2: Initial attempt to raise queen for cut comb unsuccessful! Instead introduced closed queen cell from Hive #4. Still have a good population but one frame of brood added.

Status: One box of frames + pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder.

Hive #3: Performed Split. Introduced 4 good frames of eggs and larvae from hive #4 with one closed queen cup.
Status: One box of frames + pollen patty + one box with liquid feeder.

Hive #4: Strong hive. A lot of queen cells closed observed in box #2. The queen was not spotted. Performed splits with the queen Cells. Left at least one queen cell closed just in case.

Status: Down to 2 boxes of Frames + pollen patty + one queen cup closed.

A Swarm box was also installed nearby in hopes of catching a swarm of bees.... (Will you spot the box in the picture?)

Hive #4 "Jana's Hive"

Good Activity. Eggs, Larvae and Brood observed. Lots of Pollen coming in.


Hive #3: "AmyBee":  No eggs or Larvae. The inserted queen in her cage was still in it. The bees did not free her out! So we did.

Small hive population. Not looking so good for a  chance at winter survival....

Hive #1 "Surivivor": Eggs + Larvae. Still going strong; added a feeder to it.

Hive #2 " Chef Brian Hive": Eggs & Larvae in box 3. Okay Hive. Still working on frames. May need a box soon.

MO treatment

Hive #3: "AmyBee": 

Despite my efforts, this hive has been struggling. The new queen could not change the turn of events. The bee population was too small and the season too advanced to really hope for a recovery. Hoping for a better outcome next year!

Record keeping on top of the roof Hives.

Of course they all left with their own jars of Honey...

Hive #4 "Jana's Hive", Jana and her friends invited for the occasion (she is making some members jealous as she was quick to report that all is well in her hive.) A 3rd box will be needed at next visit.

Look at these chefs...

Smiling while using a chair in a kitchen... A big No No!!!

What kind of example are they displaying to their employees....

"Hive #2 "Chef Brian Hive":

I quote Chef:  "Eggs, Larva, Queen Spotted Yellow, Added new Box.. BRB"