"To BEE or Not to BEE"
The adopted Hive of: Michel and Francoise Petit

The Forest Lake Country Club, with the active participation and involvement of Nidge Suchner and a new chef, Chef Nathan, is renewing their fight to save the bees one hive at a time.

Meridian has renewed their interest and are growing their apiary. From 5 hives we are looking at running 15 hives in 2017. An exciting adventure for sure where volunteers will learn to build hives, care for the bees, harvest honey, and use wax for making candles and balm products here.

The Walnut Creek Country Club were the first to renew and continue their involvement with Honey Bee Squad. The hive was visited at the end of February and the bees overwintered fine and were busy. A very promising hive for 2017 for sure.

The adopted Hive of: Elizabeth Baldwing 

What a pleasure to see the girls!!!

Even if that means that there is bee poop on everything left outside... Oh well; it will wash off...


The adopted Hive of: Jana Brownell

Chef Frank Turner at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial is inspired. Despite the winter loss of the bees, he has decided to continue.  Check out this awesome beehive with it's white picket fence in the picture page and be inspired...

"Bee My Friend"
The adopted Hive of: Bekim Fausset

Honey Bee Squad Business Customers:

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The Detroit Golf Club, with Chef Patrick Srock also support the Bees. Part of the Honey harvest is directly used in their Kitchen for the preparation of delicious dishes.

"Lego Lovers Batman Hive"

A sponsored Hive by Brett Griffiths.

The Honey Bee Squad offers a full service corporate and private urban natural beekeeping program. Partner with us to save the honey bees.


With 3 hives and 3 Personal sponsored hives on the property it will be a prosperous 2017 season for the Detroit Country Club. 

Chef Brian is really kicking this one out of the park... ( But can we say this for a golf club???)

Wildlife Habitat group members,  under the supervision of Marianne, are pushing strong for the bees. What's more normal for a powertrain plant!


GM urban garden article:

Nice article in the Birmingham Eccentric newspaper about Chef Matt and the Big Rock Chophouse honey bees

The Honey Bee Squad on TV Warren news, June 15th  2015
Check the link at 16.30 minutes into the broadcast: https://vimeo.com/130893073

Nice article in C&G paper about the Grosse Pointe War Memorial honey bees:

Check out the photo page to see some of the new urban apiaries.

Check out these personally sponsored hives on the Sponsored hive page.

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"Francois' Hive"
The adopted Hive of: Christine Montigiani

General Motors is engaged in saving the bees. At their locations: the Renaissance Center or the Tech Center, the company shows its environment responsibility. The bees are delighted, but not ready to trade their wings for GM's product for transportation!

First nice, warm day of the winter... 55° F and the girls are out doing their cleaning flight....


The adopted Hive of: Siggie and Sydney